Blogging for Dummies

 The book that I decided to review is from the well known series that’s become quite popular over the years. It’s called Blogging for Dummies. I was very surprised about this book on many levels. It’s strong and selling point is that it’s very easy to understand. It’s not loaded with useless or confusing data like most college books are filled with. It’s very straight forward and it gives several examples of what it’s trying to explain to the reader. The beginning starts out like any other informative book. What the books about and what information it contains. The first chapter will take you thought the process of creating a blog and what steps are necessary to accomplish this. Like what blogs are used for and what subjects would be appropriate for a blog. It goes on to explain what available software can be used to create and maintain a blog such as Blogger a Word press. It shares several techniques on how to make your blog more attractive and what tools are best to apply those ideas. It also briefly goes over how to host your own blog and what services are available to you.  One of the good chapters of the book the helps it stand out even more is that it reveals several good techniques on how to attract more people to your blog such as Key designing points and marketing strategies if you have a commercial blog. The really good stuff that comes about ¾ of the way thought the book such as utilizing video and pictures to their fullest extent. The interesting thing also about this book is that they help you to choose what content will be most interesting for your blog. What I mean by that is they tell you what stuff would be great to add such as News articles you’ve read or your opinions on current events. It’s also teachers you how to effectively manage your blog and fight against Spam and any other threats that may arise. The last and biggest part of the book goes over marketing blogs and blogging for a business. It goes over what key marketing moves will attract the most people to your blog or how make your employer happy with the blog with more and more visitors to its blog. Overall this part of the book holds secrets worth every penny of its purchase. It teaches you how to read the statistics of your blog to see if there is trends’ going on or if you’re doing something right in your attempt to attract more visitors. In the end I found this book extremely informative. It went over almost all aspects that I would expect to find important while blogging. I even found out many things that I did not know about the internet and I’m pretty computer savvy person when it comes to that. With that in mind I would Highly recommend this book to anyone who is attempting to enter the world of blogging or already has, Because it teachers you ton of stuff that’s really fun and interesting to use and learn about.


JudyNV said... / November 10, 2009 at 6:24 PM  

Nice thought to include a picture of the book. When you started this blog you said you’d never blogged before. Would you recommend reading a book like this before blogging the first time, or just dig in and do it, like you did? Were there some important “getting started” tips that you didn’t find from the recommended Blogger documentation that would have make blogging easier? If you were to continue this blog, what would you change based on what you read in this book?