Welcome...What to expect.

llo, welcome to my Blog. I've never used a blog before so this is all really new to me. My blog will focus on many things associated with Computers such as Hardware, Software and Benchmarking. I will also give my opinion on any new hardware or software that I may have recently read about. I also like to preform test and modifications to my computer from time to time so I will post pics any details of what I'm up to. I love video games so naturally I try and push my computer to its limits with High quality Games. So if I find a piratical game that gives my computer a work out I will give you my thoughts on it and also benchmarks if I preformed any. I work for a small CAD company that my Mother owns so I do a lot of computer support for her clients and I'll post anything I may have done for them or anything I have find of any interest..My whole life is Computers I've been building them for years. I absolutely love doing anything that deals with them. I do some pretty crazy stuff sometimes. I'll try and post anything I may find interesting. If any of you have any request for anything you would like to see you can contact me thought my Email: edward.efrayim.garcia@live.com or just comment on any post.