Windows More Secure then Mac OS X?

I read an article today about something I've been trying to explain to people for years. You wouldn't believe how many arguments I've had about this. Which is safer Mac or PC, but today PC gets a victory.  Charlie Miller a Mac security Guru has confirmed that the latest Mac OS X isn't as safe as Windows. I'll let you guys read the article to get more info on that here. In my opinion theirs many reason for this that wasn't brought up in the article. For one thing there are a lot more people using PCs then Macs. So naturally most Ad-ware, Mal-ware, Spy-ware, viruses and Hackers as well are targeted at the PC or most specifically Windows. This helps create security rules and defense programs such as Windows Defender and Anti-Virus software to combat these threats.  This helps makes Windows a safer environment, but mean while leaves the Mac OS defenseless. So Mac gets little or no security from an increasingly and more dangerous virtually world. Some people like to use the argument "I always have problems with viruses and ad-ware on my my PC, but never with my Mac". Well theirs two reason for this one of them I already mentioned briefly earlier in this post. Almost all ad-ware and viruses are made to target the PC, So naturally Mac users are unaffected( for now). The other reason is that most people forget to get extra security for there Windows OS resulting an increased risk of attack or infection. All Windows OS's above XP have a integrated security center which helps you make your PC more safe. It helps warn you about certain security risk such as a security program like an anti-virus software being out of date or about unknown program just activated it self within the OS environment could be a threat to your system. Another example of good PC security is Windows Defender a Security program developed by Microsoft. Windows Defender comes integrated in Windows Vista and Windows 7, but requires a separate installation in XP which can be found here. So I give the advise to the Windows user to get some security for your system and if you already have some keep all defense programs up-to-date with the latest protection.  My advise for Mac users is be careful when your surfing the net because most computer threats come from there. Try to be smart about what you click on and where you go, also don't give anybody your info unless you absolutely trust the person you are giving it to. Its like survival of the fittest if you cant defend yourself your just going to get eaten.


SuzyGam3r said... / September 22, 2009 at 6:10 PM  

Oh wow. I never would have known any of this. I just recently bought my own laptop and I got grilled by my youngest daughter and the Best Buy guy about how McAfee is NOT the anti virus protection I should be using on my pc. LOL Macs are confusing to use in my opinion, but my question is, why didn't Mac producers make a defender for the Mac OS or whatever it is called? You would think that even though PC's are getting targeted the most, they would at least try and one up the PC's by getting some really good defense against the viruses out in the internet world.

TGell said... / September 22, 2009 at 8:09 PM  

Finally, someone else that knows that PCs are better than MACs. I agree with everything you said in your post. I really think it is false advertising when MACs have those commericals with Justin Long saying that PCs have more problems and less helpful at customer service. I believe if a MAC and a PC were infected with the same virus, that the PC would be able to wipe out the virus faster with the anti-virus software from microsoft than the MAC would be able to. I'm a PC and I'm biased.

F.Dilger said... / September 25, 2009 at 2:59 PM  


The PC is the better choice than MAC and has been for a long time. I bought an APPLE IIC a long time ago. I rapidly discovered that I could not get the software I wanted. The situation is still the same. I use GIS and there is no decent GIS software for the MAC adn there never will be. Why spend three times the price for less capable hardware? IMHO the Mac has always been for the gulible.